Copywrite or Copyright?

This symbol refers to copyrights, not copywrite. I have seen Christian band members use the words copywrite and copyright interchangeably. So, let’s clear up the meanings and the spelling. Both words are pronounced the same way (hence the confusion) but they have very different meanings. A copywriter is “a writer of advertising or publicity copy”, … Read more

My #1 Recommendation for EVERY Christian Musician!

Save Your Ears Your career as a musician depends on your hearing. Lose your hearing and your career is over.  For a Christian musician loss of hearing affects your musical career and will impact your ministry negatively. How can you expect to minister to people with your music if your cannot hear the music or the people talking to … Read more

Get Endorsements for Your Christian Band

Endorsements are the stuff dreams are made of. Every musician and Christian band wants free stuff—instruments, sound equipment, lights, cases, strings are all expensive and free is, well, better. Every band wants to feel important and say, “We are endorsed by this famous company”… ahhh… living the dream. Pause for a minute and dream because … Read more

Get Radio Airplay for Your Band Through Interviews

Every band thrives on radio airplay. It’s how you increase the bands standing in the popular charts, expose more people to your music, increase the bands fan base, and ultimately sell more music. As a Christian musician our goals go one step farther—to bring those fans closer to Jesus through our music and ministry. Unfortunately, … Read more

Does Your Christian Band Need a Manager?

How do you know if your Christian band needs to hire a manager? Who do you hire? When should you hire? Answering these questions incorrectly can leave your band broke. Be careful when hiring a band manager. Here’s the video transcript: There comes a time when most Christian bands need to hire a manager. The … Read more

Booking Your Christian Band at Churches

Playing at Churches is the mainstay for most Christian bands. But getting the initial booking to play at a Church can be difficult. Churches tend to book on established relationships with the artist. In other words, if you do not know a key person in the Church your band is not going to get to … Read more

Band History/ Biography Page is the Centerpiece of a Press Kit

The Band History or Band Biography page is the centerpiece of your bands press kit. It is also the most difficult page to write because there are not a lot of rules. If you were an established secular band you would use this page of the press kit to highlight your bands accomplishments such as … Read more

Band Biographies – Essential to Your Bands Press Kit?

Band biographies are frequently left out of press kits. They are difficult to write, especially for a young band. More often than not, new bands biographies come off as silly and are detrimental to the bands ministry. But, well crafted band biographies can be used to demonstrate the professionalism of the band when handling business … Read more

Lyric Sheets for Your Christian Bands Press Kit

Lyric Sheets are one of the easiest press kit components to make… you’ll have this project completed in no time! Christian promoters use lyric sheets to help determine if your band is a good fit for their event. Generally, they compare how “in your face” the bands lyrics are to the goals of their concert. … Read more