Business Card Holders for Your Christian Band’s Merchandise Table

Business card holders are one of those fairly innocuous items that we usually don’t put much thought into buying. Many Christian bands either do not put their business cards on the merchandise table or put their cards on the table but do not put the cards in a business card holder. Both are mistakes. Business … Read more

The First Question You Must Answer When Promoting Your Music

Today we have a guest post from Bob Baker. Although he does not work specifically in the Christian market, he is a music marketing expert that you should be following. Enjoy! This article is excerpted from Bob Baker’s Guerrilla Music Marketing Handbook I’m going to use up this entire article dealing with one subject, because … Read more

How Many Band Members Should be in Your Christian Band?

Keeping a consistent line up is one of the most difficult aspects of being in a Christian band. I am frequently asked to locate Christian musicians to be in a particular band and then asked to help solve the problems created by having the wrong people in a band. Unfortunately, this is a dilemma we … Read more

Getting Media Attention for Your Band’s New Release Party – Part Three

Strategy #3  Telling the Media What They Want to Hear, In the Way They Want to Hear It. How to use Press Releases and Public Service Announcements. Part One of Getting Media Attention for Your Band’s New Release Party covered Creating a Newsworthy Event. CLICK HERE to read it before reading Part Two or Part … Read more

Get Media Attention for Your Band’s New Release Party – Part Two

Strategy #2: Find the Right Media People to Tell Your Story How to create and use a media file. In Part One we discussed Creating a Newsworthy Event for your Christian band’s new release party. CLICK HERE to read Part One before continuing to Part Two. Doing something newsworthy is the most important step to … Read more

Get Media Attention for Your Band’s New Release Party

Strategy #1: Create a Newsworthy Event The purpose of your CD Release Party is to celebrate your new release and have fun. Right? Wrong. A fun evening with your friends is a great way to celebrate all your hard work through the recording and manufacturing process. But, it is not the reason you should have … Read more

Prescription for Average Stage Presence: Critiques

WARNING: This technique should not be applied by the faint of heart. DISCLAIMER: Critiques should not be used if you are sensitive by nature or easily hurt and offended. Side affects from the use of critiques may include: watching way too many videos, lengthy brainstorming sessions, and gut splitting laughter at yourselves. There is also … Read more

Cords and Cables: What You Need to Know to Get Your Band’s Gear Working Well

You have heard the saying “Use the right tool for the job”… this is especially true for all the cords and cables that connect your bands equipment. • Does your system hum loudly? • Do you frequently replace damaged cords? • Have you fried speakers? There might not be anything wrong with your equipment. These … Read more

Sell Your Band’s Used Equipment

Need more money for your Christian band’s ministry? One way to get money is to sell your band’s used equipment. After you have done your Christian band’s end of the year evaluation and set your goals for next year, you probably realize that your band does not expect to have enough money to do everything you … Read more

Gracenote and Freedb

Have you ever wondered how your car and your MP3 player know the song titles, artists, and length of the song? How do you get your music recognized by these players? This tech is dominated by one company: Gracenote, which is owned by Sony. Currently Gracenote has over 130 million tracks in their database. The … Read more