Humidify Your Guitars

Winter, not my favorite time of year. Honestly, some days I just don’t open the curtains because I do not want to see all the white stuff on the ground. I complain about it too. Alot. My throat gets sore, my hair needs extra conditioning and my skin gets dry. I dream of the warm … Read more

Creative Commons Licenses

Songwriting and recording copyrights perplex even the most knowledgeable of us and the laws are consistently becoming more complex as music goes digital. We want to be paid for our work. We certainly do not want to be stolen from or taken advantage of by the industry. We want to get our music out there … Read more

Performance Rights Organizations: Working with the PRO’s

Performance Rights Organizations are known as PRO’s, which is pronounced by saying each individual letter P.R.O.—like NPR for National Public Radio. Confusion can sometimes set in because ‘pro’ is the short term for professional. PRO’s do not necessarily mean pro (professional). This is important to know not only to sound professional when you are talking … Read more

Sales Taxes for Christian Bands

Should your Christian band be collecting and paying sales tax on the merchandise you sell? Most often, the answer is “Yes.” Sales taxes are not controlled by the Federal government, they are governed by states. So, each state gets to set their own rules. For bands that travel from state to state and sell merchandise, … Read more

The Opportunity of a Lifetime

In the time of monarchies, when a king died the people shouted, “The king is dead. Long live the king.” This was a way of honoring the dead king and then looking forward to the reign of the new king. Today Christian musicians can shout, “The Christian music industry is dead. Long live Christian music!” … Read more

Backline Equipment

What does it mean when a venue says all bands will backline equipment? First, let’s define “backline” vs. “frontline”. An easy way to remember frontline is that it means the equipment typically placed on stage in front of the band. Sound equipment is set up on the stage to reduce feedback. So, the basic PA system, including … Read more