Strength from the Lord – The Christian Musicians Devotional

Music ministry is exhausting at times. The hours are crazy. Food and sleep is frequently sketchy at best. Our bodies are not made to function at their best, especially for live performances, in the circumstances we endure. But God makes up for our lack of energy and strength. Here’s an excerpt from The Christian Musicians … Read more

Lyric Sheets in Press Kits

Lyric Sheets are important in your Christian band’s press kit because lyric content helps bookers choose the music ministry that matches the goals of their event. Lyrics Sheets are an easy project that makes your Christian band’s press kit stand out. They help bookers understand your ministry’s message and target audience. Here’s the transcript for … Read more

Every Band Needs a Business Card – But They Don’t Have to Be Boring

Old School ALERT! Some old school things are better left in the past: spandex, big hair, 8 track tapes—you know what I mean. Other things become classics because no one has created anything better. Band business cards fall into that category. Business cards have been around since before the Victorian era because they work. They … Read more

Quote Sheets for Christian Bands

Quote sheets can make your Christian band’s press kit stand out by demonstrating your popularity to bookers. Quote sheets are not required in a press kit; but adding them can make your music ministry look professional and get more gigs that pay well. Here’s the transcript from this video: Hi! I’m Marie from Christian Band … Read more

Unsuccessful Ministry – The Christian Musicians Devotional

The new year finds me working on updating our list of Christian Festivals and venues. As always, there are changes. Some ministries close while new ones start up. Over the years I have watched many ministries shut down and it is always heartbreaking, not as much for the closing but for the people involved. They … Read more

Does Your Band Photo Pass the Test?

You know the saying: “A picture is worth a thousand words”. Before anyone reads a word of your bands press kit, they will see the band photo. This band photo gets plastered everywhere—posters, the band website, promoters and venues websites, and CD’s. So, what does your current band photo say about your band? Can you … Read more

Recommendation Letters for Christian Bands

Recommendation letters lend credibility to your band’s ministry, so they help you get more shows that pay well. They can also help you improve you show and get re-booked at venues you want to play again.   Recommendation letters in your Christian band’s press kit can make your band stand out. The right letter can … Read more

Business Cards for Christian Bands

Business cards can help grow your fanbase, get more shows, and get better paying shows—or not. If your Christian band’s business card is boring no one will be inspired to want to know more about your band. Grab the attention of fans and bookers with an unusual outstanding business card.   Business cards are one … Read more

Made in God’s Image – Christian Musicians Devotional

Made in God's Image - The Christian Musicians Devotional

We all make mistakes on stage. How many times have you played a wrong note, started or stopped at the wrong time, or even played in a completely wrong key? It happens. Unfortunately sometimes it happens at important shows, in critical moments, such as when we want to impress the judges at a battle of … Read more

Heart Music – The Christian Musicians Devotional

The Christian Musicians Devotional

As Christian musicians and songwriters, we must always be mindful of the potential impact our ministry has on our fans.  It is our pleasure and also our responsibility to write and perform songs that will sink deep into people’s hearts and then change their minds and lives. Christian art, and especially music, has the unique … Read more

Goals – The Christian Musicians Devotional

People are often defined by their goals. We work diligently to get what we want, so what we want usually determines what we do. We change our daily routines and workload to accomplish our goals.  Sometimes our goals are deceptive because we are not honest with ourselves about what we truly want. As Christian music … Read more

Solitude in Prayer – The Christian Musicians Devotional

We love to be busy doing our Father’s work, the work of the ministry. Touring, recording, and songwriting are aspects of music ministry that many of us truly enjoy, but they are also extremely time consuming. This excerpt from The Christian Musicians Devotional reminds all of us of our priorities in ministry. If we truly want … Read more

Take an Interest in Others – The Christian Musicians Devotional

Christian musicians are not called to be rock stars for Jesus. We are called to re-present His message to our generation. We do not have to be famous to do our ministry—we have to be faithful. It’s not about us. It is all about loving God and then loving people closer to Him. Take an … Read more

Christian Songwriting Contest

  CMUnited 15th Annual Christian Songwriting Contest CMUnited hosts international songwriting contests quarterly, and this contest is officially the longest-running Christian songwriting contest in existence. This contest features useful prizes, promotional opportunities, and low-cost entry fees. CLICK HERE for their information page. This page has prizes listed, entry fees and submission deadlines for each quarter.