Should Your Christian Band Use Performance Contracts?

  Here’s the video transcript: Should your Christian band use contracts? Contracts are intimidating. We have been led to believe that a contract must be drawn up by an attorney and is written in stone so to speak. But, neither of those is true. A contract is simply the written form of an agreement between … Read more

How to Get Your Christian Band Booked at State and County Fairs

Here’s the video transcript: State and county fairs are great places for Christian bands to play if the band can meet four basic criteria: ● The band does not perform an extreme style of music. Most fairs look for bands that perform country, blues, southern gospel, traditional folk, coffeehouse, and mild rock. Very few fairs … Read more

Merchandise Table Mistakes that Hurt Your Ministry

  Here’s the video transcript: Christian musicians need money to support our ministry and the merchandise table is one of the easiest places to get it. Part of our job as Christian musicians is going through the effort to book and play gigs. Hopefully people will come, which gives us a room full of potential … Read more

How much should your Music Ministry charge for performance fees?

Please listen to Part One of the is article: How much should my Christian Band charge to play a show? before moving on to this part.   Here’s the video transcript: Question: “How much should your Christian band charge to play a show?” Answer: “How well are you doing your job?” It is important to … Read more

Get Your Simple Demographics Chart

Thank You for taking the time to sign up for your Simple Demographics Chart PDF CLICK HERE to get your Band Mission Demographics Checklist Save it (right click on the document and then click on ‘save as’) and print a copy for each band member to fill out. Then you are ready to discuss your … Read more

“We’ll Fix It In the Mix!”

Check out this guest post from Nic Wallace who is an artist manager, promoter, and sound engineer at Aeternity Management. I met Nic in a Facebook group for musicians and am impressed with his raw honesty. Nic has some great tips for making your band sound better live! If we apply his advice our sound … Read more

Merch – Christian Musicians Devotional

Merch Reminds Fans of God's Work - The Christian Musicians Devotional

Choosing new merchandise is always an exciting experience. We evaluate merchandise from last year, looking at what sold well and what did not. Hopefully this evaluation helps us make better decisions about which merchandise to purchase this year. In all the busyness of evaluating, designing, choosing, and purchasing new merchandise let’s not forget why we have merchandise in … Read more