A Question for You

Questionmark JPEGSo, here’s a question I have been pondering…

Should Christian Band Help

establish an e-mail list?

If so, what would be helpful information

for your to receive by e-mail?

OK – so that’s actually 2 questions, but give me a break – it’s morning as I write this. (Yes, “morning” is a good excuse for anything that I do that’s a little off and morning without coffee will provide an excuse for some major mistakes. I would say “Welcome to my world”, but I’m pretty sure most of you already live there.)

Anyway, back to the questions…

All the on-line gurus say that every website should be collecting e-mails and putting out a newsletter. Then, occasionally send an e-mail to sell something to the mailing list. That’s the way to make money on-line.

But Christian Band Help is not about us making money. We are about helping Christian bands achieve extraordinary music ministries. 

So, the question for us, in anything we try to do, is,
“Will it be helpful for Christian bands?” 

I just do not know the answer in this situation. We’ve been discussing it for a while. I know many of you e-mail me with specific questions and that’s GREAT! But that’s not the same as me e-mailing you without being asked.

So, we finally just decided to ask you. Do you want us to establish an e-mail list? Will it be helpful to you, or just an annoyance? If it would be helpful, what would you like to see included in e-mails?

Please leave your answer in anyplace that is easiest for you:

 Comments on this post

 Facebook comments

• Twitter messages

 or e-mail me directly at marie@ChristianBandHelp.com

Thanks so much for your input as we gear up for 2014! Please feel free to comment about anything you would like to see us do or do better.

Marie Wise

UPDATE: We have decided not to start an e-mail list until we have things that are really important that we need to tell you about in a timely manner. Everyone has too many spammy e-mails these days and we do not want to add to your clutter. We are not ruling it our for the future, but for now you can keep in touch with us through Facebook, Twitter, this website or you can always e-mail marie@ChristianBandHelp.com. Thanks so much for your input into this decision!


  1. stevenleapley@gmail.com says:

    Marie: The answer to your questions is YES.
    The answer to “will it be helpful for Christian bands” is the harder answer. In my opinion, I would say yes, however even junk rolls into the Christian music arena and most bands first thoughts when another band reaches out to them is what do they want from me…. Now whether or not it is true (and Im sure in many cases it is) should not be the concern, because we should be willing to help our brothers and sisters…
    If there was a way to attach a disclaimer that in effect reiterated that point (that we should help each other) I think it would be awesome and totally beneficial!
    My thoughts!

  2. Greg Atkins says:

    I think that you need to make smart business decisions that are consistent with your vision for the entity. I know that I and my band mates do appreciate your useful and helpful postings. Newsletter sounds like a great idea

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